Felp Assembly Systems Srl., is an Italian company, designing and fabricating automated and semi-automated assembly and test systems for the following industries: sanitary ware, taps, spherical valves, fittings, automotive, electric components, pneumatic accessories and others.  With over 30 years experience at the international level, Felp continues to develop innovative solutions with new technologies.


Assembly and Test Rotary-tables

Felp bases their solutions around a rotary-transfer table to pass the part along for various processes and the highest productivity.

Assembly and Test Lines

Complete turn-key systems for assembly, test, and marking of valves, fittings, taps, and various automotive components.  

Assembly and Test Workbenches

Felp offers semi-automated and fully automated work benches for your staff to perform the necessary operations in a simple, ergonomic, and custom solution.

Pneumatic Manipulators

Felp designs and manufactures pneumatic grippers to help workers perform heavy product handling operations with ease.