Hormesa was started in 1987 primarily as an Aluminum furnace manufacturer.  Over the years it has pulled in all metals, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, under its scope, as well as pre and post-melt processes, such as chip drying and metal casting.  In the 2000s it purchased the rights and engineering to Conticast, a company specializing in Continuous Casting systems.  Together this group built a reputation as a solutions provider, developing reliable and efficient turn-key systems to fit each customer's needs.



Traditional furnace with easy to clean and reconstruction access.  Combustion group regulated by PID.

Tilting Rotary Furnace

Designed to melt non-ferrous scrap, swarf, and shavings.  Also efficient in melting enameled copper wire.

Medium Frequency Induction

High electric efficiency.  Precise temperature control.  High production rates.  Good quality of molten metal.  Clean operation

Channel Furnaces

Air cooling.  Temperature measuring directly in molten metal.  Protection covers.  Vertical position of the coil that avoids damages from metal penetration.  High thermic insulation for higher efficiency.  Accesible channel for cleaning and supervision.  Charging and extraction chambers independent.


Chip Dryers

Complete solutions for chip shredding, centrifuge, and dryers.  Designed and built for efficiency and maximum metal yield.


Autopour, die-casting, ingot carousels

Continuous Casting

Vertical and Horizontal solutions for your ferrous and non-ferrous continuous casting needs.

Turn-Key Solutions

Hormesa builds on decades of experience working with foundries around the world, diagnosing, developing, and implementing customer centered solutions where needed.