Mepsa is a Spanish manufacturer with 35 years experience providing automated solutions for de-burring, grinding, polishing, and satin etching various parts for the household, automotive, aviation, medical and various other industries where there is a specific finishing requirement.  Some of Mepsa’s solutions are very application specific, other machines are versatile and adaptable to the part being polished.


Robotic Cells

Being a certified Robot Integrator for many 3rd party brands, such as ABB, FANUC, and KUKA, Mepsa has the tools necessary to tackle your finishing needs.  Always setting the bar higher with new technology and concepts. 

Rotary Machines

For high volume polishing and buffing needs, Mepsa counts on their MRI line of indexing rotary tables.   From faucets to automotive wheels, PLC based to completely CNC interpolating machines, we have you covered.

Universal CNC Polishers

Mepsa's unique model "PULIPROM", offers you 6 programmable axis to interpolate around the part.  Multi head and station models offer unmatched productivity and flexibility.

Specialty Machines

No matter your part, with 35 years in the business, chances are Mepsa has seen it and built a machine for it.  From applications in household parts, flat sheets, tubulars and profiles, there is a machine for you.


Interactive Programming

MEPSA developed its "TEACH System" for programming CNC, multi-axis movements.  Easy creation of of programs by automatic emulation of movements.  Robotic cells feature MEPSA's management software, to control the robot's 6th axis and many other functions within the cell.

Technical service

All new machines come with remote, online technical support directly from the people who built the machine.  When it comes to spares, all electrics and motors, are top-notch, standard off the shelf name brand components.

Quick Change Over

Options include quick change systems for belts, mops, and chucks.  As well as, task program selection with a touch of a button, or even more advanced vision systems.

Get to know the shine of Mepsa

Along, with buff wear compensation, we have constant pressure and tangential speed maintenance of the buff, all automated and programmable for a consistent finish.

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