In 1965, we operated one foundry and manufactured one alloy, C36000 brass rod. Today, Chase operates two foundries and manufacturers an array of brass alloys and products. We market our signature leaded machinable alloy C36000 as Blue Dot® brass rod, and our lead-free machinable alloy C69300 ECO BRASS® brass rod or C87850 ECO BRONZE® ingot. Chase provides a variety of standard, low lead, and lead free brass rod and ingot options to meet your manufacturing requirements. Specific emphasis is placed on the quality of our product, prompt reliable service to our customers and continuous improvement and innovation.



Quality and consistency, allows customers to produce more components per hour, maintain closer tolerances and reduce machining downtime due to longer tool life.

ECO Brass & Bronze

Lead-free, arsenic-free, excellent machinability, forgeability and high strength equivalent to stainless steel, while eliminating the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification.


Bring your brass parts business back to the USA. Chase Brass can provide a custom engineered raw material product made with any of our high performance brass alloys, including lead-free ECO BRASS. Save money, time and labor!